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QR Code Analytics and Mobile Website Tracking with Qfuse

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Our team has worked hard to create a new video showcasing our QR Code analytics capabilities and we’re excited to say it’s ready to go!  QR Code analytics, NFC Tag tracking, and mobile landing page analytics can be managed under our mobile marketing platform.

Here’s a transcript of the video.

Come check out Qfuse – a full-featured mobile engagement platform that makes it easy to reach your target audiences with QR codes, NFC tags, custom mobile websites and future mobile marketing technologies.

Whether you use QR Codes on product packaging, magazine and newspaper ads, or have a stand-alone Qfuse mobile site, our powerful QR Code analytics tool easily track which geographic regions new sales leads are coming from, the detailed actions visitors are taking on your mobile site, and who’s engaging with your social media channels.

By diving into time-of-day, day-of-week, and location-based NFC and QR Code analytics, you’ll know exactly where your mobile customers are coming from and when they’re interacting with your brand.  Use this real-world actionable data to drive future marketing campaigns and grow your business. 

When you use Qfuse mobile sites, you can track how visitors arrive through their smartphones – whether using QR Codes, NFC Tags, social sites, or paid traffic, who’s clicking the one-touch click-to-call buttons on your Qfuse mobile site, and how many visitors are turning into qualified sales leads through our easy-to-use contact forms.      

Create custom-branded PDF reports using the exact dates you need to easily inform clients and other team members of your mobile marketing success.

Need great insights into your mobile customers? Get started with a free Qfuse account today!

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