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NFC Makes Print Advertisement More Profitable

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samsung-nfc-posterThe possibilities with NFC technology are truly near infinite.  Due to this, it becomes vital to identify those exceptional possibilities in order to properly allocate resources in the most efficient manner possible.

One potential NFC use that fits into the exceptional possibility for most businesses is that of using NFC on print advertisements.  This is particularly a great use for anyone trying to sell something, promote the downloading of apps, or spreading information.

With an NFC enabled poster for example, the consumer can physically interact with the advertisement as long as they are made aware that it is NFC enabled, and are convinced through a call to action to place their phone near the poster.

Let’s say this poster is advertising a new video game.  There might be a call to action to tell the consumer to “tap your phone here to see a preview of NCAA’14 football, and pre-order your game right from your phone!”  This NFC enabled poster is now helping to capture more sales by providing more information to the consumer encouraging them to get excited for the launch, and providing them with the possibility to purchase the game right at the moment the consumer’s interest is highest.

Or perhaps you are Bank of America and you want to promote the download of your new mobile App.  Here you might have a poster NFC enabled and through a call to action tell consumers to tap their phone here to download the app.  Perhaps you might offer consumers the chance to be entered into a drawing for some prize if they use NFC to download the app.

Or maybe you are a political organization like The Cato Institute and run an advertisement critical of some recent policy enactment and want to spread some relevant information.  Here you might promote the spread of this information through NFC enabled advertisements and include a call to action for consumers to tap their phone to the poster for instant access to the information and promote signing up to be alerted about future activist events or educational programs.

Any organization who wishes to do any of these things or more can utilize NFC to help increase the abilities, value, and efficiency of their physical advertising campaigns.  Just think of the end goal of said advertisements and use NFC technology in a way that helps you achieve that end.  The profits will soon follow.

Just make sure you are using the technology correctly and following our best practices, as well as using a platform that helps to ensure that end, is inexpensive, allows you to control your many NFC tags from a single location, and is incredible easy to use.

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