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Mercedes-Benz Uses QR Codes to Save Lives

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mercedes-qr-codesI have read and written about hundreds of uses for QR codes, some more creative than others, yet I am always finding new uses for this technology and am often reminded that the uses are almost unlimited.  The latest example I have found was a use of QR codes by Mercedes-Benz.

Cars have been getting safer through new developments in their frames and additional security features like air bags.  This has helped lead to the lowest traffic fatality rates ever.  In turn, this has also made the problem of rescuing trapped drivers much harder.

Emergency responders ideally try to find a particular car’s specs, or “rescue sheet”, which includes information about the gas tank, electric wires, batteries, high pressure cylinders, airbags and everything else, before they can begin the rescue process.  Often times this is unavailable and so they must perform the rescue without fully understanding the particular car they are dealing with.

To help this process along and improve the chances of a rescue attempt, Mercedes-Benz found a way to ensure that all information about the particular model car is available to these emergency responders.  Their solution: QR codes.

What Mercedes-Benz did was place a QR code on all of their car’s fuel tank covers and the B-pillar on the opposite side of the vehicle (meaning the support beam found behind the driver or front passenger).  Upon scanning the code the emergency responder is given the specific information they need in order to make a successful rescue.

This is an incredibly smart, creative, and inexpensive safety addition for Mercedes-Benz.  It provides additional value for the customer, it helps the emergency responders do their job, and gives Mercedes-Benz a leg up on the competition when it comes to safety.

This is just one more example of how useful QR codes can be with just a little outside the box thinking.  Now all Mercedes-Benz needs to do is start using the Qfuse platform and proceed with other great QR code marketing campaigns.

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