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From Questions to Qfuse

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If you’re reading this, you probably know a bit about mobile marketing already. You may have seen a QR code and wondered if it could work for an event you’re planning. Or maybe you asked yourself whether mobile sites really matter – not just from a functional perspective, but for growing your business.

At Qfuse, we live and breathe this stuff, but we started out with a lot of the same questions. Did QR codes really work? Why were so many of them so tacky?

But we dug deeper, and discovered that mobile marketing not only worked as a sales tool, but could be the most efficient, most artful way to deliver a useful message.

Because we came to believe so fully in the technology, we’ve dedicated ourselves to advancing it as simply, elegantly, and usefully as possible. And that commitment drives everything we create – from the insight you’ll find on this blog to the designs of our mobile sites.

If that sounds intriguing to you, we hope you’ll continue to check back here to learn more. We’re just getting started!