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Boston Globe Puts QR Code on Front Cover

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Today’s Boston Sunday Globe featured a QR code on the front page to go along with coverage of this evening’s Oscar awards. When scanned the code takes the user to a video clip with Boston Globe film critics Ty Burr and Wesley Morris providing a commentary of their pics for Best Picture.

The use of the code in this context is not particularly earth-shattering, but what makes it notable is all the things the Globe has done right integrating the code into the story – the code has prominent placement, is printed at an appropriate size and density that makes it easy to scan, takes users to a mobile-friendly landing page, and provides the user with practical context (there’s no mystery why it’s there).

With so many struggling to apply best practices and use QR codes in a way that makes sense, we say Kudos to the Globe – you got it right!

Much of the attention placed on QR codes tends to be within the context of advertising and retail use, but now it seems major publishers are beginning to catch on as well. After all, when done properly, QR codes are a great way to extend the reach of printed media, adding a new dimension to the reader experience.