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The 5 Statistics Everyone Should Know about QR Codes

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QR Codes have detractors. Some simply find them inelegant, others suggest that the codes are destined to be a short-lived marketing fad. But the hard data on QR codes suggests otherwise. Just last week,  ComScore research published “Mobile Future in Focus”, a comprehensive study of the mobile marketing landscape which contained some enlightening stats on QR Code engagement. The complete study can be downloaded here, but we’ll save you the trouble. Here are its five key findings on QR Codes:

1)   Over 55% of Americans are now smartphone users. Most are between 24-35. Men and women have adopted smartphones at about the same pace.

2)   One in every five American smartphone users scanned a QR code in a retail store in 2011.

3)   57% of those who scanned QR codes in 2011 did so at home on their mobile devices (users realized QR codes have value beyond on-the-go information)

4)   One third of QR code scanners did so in response to a coupon or offer.

5)   One quarter of QR code scanners did so to receive information on an event.

Taken together, these numbers clearly suggest that QR Code awareness and engagement is rising alongside Smartphone adoption. What’s more, QR code users are growing more sophisticated, recognizing that QR Codes can quickly provide a variety of benefits—from event info to product discounts.