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QR Codes...on Bumblebees?

Posted on November 30th, 2018 by Often we read about QR codes being used to sell or market goods to consumers, but here is a new use – bumblebee research. Researchers have created a new way to study the buzzing bees – attach QR code...Read More

Apple Breathes New Life into QR Codes: Updated iPhones Support Native QR Code Reading

Posted on February 1st, 2018 by 2018 is set to be a huge year for the QR Code world as iPhones updated with iOS11 now fully support QR Code reading natively. For the fir...Read More

Google and Mobile Marketing in 2013

Posted on February 17th, 2013 by Google has launched a campaign for 2013 with the hopes to educate many marketers and advertisers about the importance of mobile and mobile marketing, focusing on how valuabl...Read More

Apple and Google Will Never Build-In a QR Code Scanner into Smartphones

Posted on September 6th, 2012 by It’s true!  Google and Apple won’t build-in QR Code scanning functionality unless marketers give consumers a good reason to scan QR Codes, make them easy to scan, and provide a frustrati...Read More