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Product Packaging and QR Codes

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MojiProduct packaging is an obvious location for using QR codes, yet very few companies are taking advantage of this helpful marketing strategy.  But every once and a while I stumble upon a good example of QR code use on product packaging and wish to point it out as a possible option for those many companies on the market who have yet to jump into the 21st century.

I was recently at EMS and was drawn to a product called the MOJI 360 Massager and the QR code grabbed my attention—for most of you sketch-balls out there I am sure you would have been drawn towards the fit woman messaging her backside, but I, of course, am above this sort of cheap marketing ploy.

After a few moments gazing at the QR code in all its brilliance I was convinced by the call to action to scan the code and “see the Moji 360 massager in action” (having a photo of a woman massaging her backside, with a call to action to ‘see the massager in action’ right above it, almost feels like it was planned that way doesn’t it?).

The landing page takes you directly to a youtube video of the massager in action; a woman massaging her calf (borderline false advertising I’d say).  This helps the potential customer see just how easy it is to use and helps the customer learn how to use the device when they bring it home and open it.

moji1This QR code use on this particular product packaging helps provide added value to the customer by giving more than simple written instructions on how to use the device, but it can also act as a helpful sales tool by bringing the customer to something similar to an infomercial.  When someone is able to see the device in action they will likely be more inclined to use it themselves.

The possibilities for QR codes on product packaging is really almost unlimited and can be used in many ways to help drive sales, provide additional value, and give more information to the customer.  Be creative with your QR codes, follow the best practices guidelines, and if you are in the marketing business expect to get that promotion you’ve been looking for.

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