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Lacoste Example of Great QR Code Use

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lacoste2Quite often I find that QR codes are not used properly, not used at all where they should, or simply lack the needed oomph to really do the QR code justice and allow it to serve its purpose in the best way it can.  But every once and a while, though even more so as of late, I stumble upon an advertisement or marketing item that really lets the QR code live up to its potential.  The latest example I found was from Lacoste.

This advertisement and connected QR code was used in connection with the ATP Tennis World Tour which Lacoste was sponsoring at the time.  So what Lacoste did was have a physical ad with a large, stand alone, QR code in their windows.  Next to the code is a clear call to action to “scan the code with your smart phone to play the Lacoste Championship.”  This “Lacoste Championship” was a tennis arcade game, really just a slightly modified version of ‘Pong’.  After the consumer competed in the tennis match they were then given the option to register and receive a 15% coupon.

This is a great example of QR code use in a few ways.  First, the physical advertisement made the QR code the center of attention; this makes sense since the QR code is where someone can actually take action.  Second, there is a clear call to action.  Third, the game creates a fun interactive experience with the brand and allows a positive connection with Lacoste.  Fourth, the ultimate goal of the QR code campaign is to get the contact info of the consumer, so offering a 15% discount for registration easily entices the consumer to give permission to contact them at a future time.  Fifth, of course the discount helps them move inventory off the shelves.

This is a great example of how all companies should use QR codes, and when used correctly they can do a great job at driving sales, gathering consumer information, and providing great brand interaction.  And all these benefits for only a minimal investment.  Using QR Codes is a no-brainer; using them right is not, so make sure you adhere to the QR code best practices if you want to get the most bang for your buck.