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Company Overview

Qfuse™ (pronounced “Q-Fuse”, short for “quick-fuse”) was established with the goal of making it easy for anyone to fuse online and offline media using technologies such as QR Codes, NFC Tags, and mobile websites.

Too many QR codes are created without a mobile-friendly landing page or the ability to track the number of scans on the code, creating an experience that is disappointing for users and unsatisfying for publishers. Qfuse addresses this problem by offering all the tools necessary for developing engaging customer communication using QR Codes, NFC Tags, and mobile websites under one roof for anybody to use.

Qfuse has the ambitious goal of serving a wide-ranging user base, from personal users up to major corporations. To accomplish this vision, the Qfuse application is built with a set of scalable features that range from the fundamental to the sophisticated. All users can be sure they're using a top-notch system that delivers professional results, even if they're not web professionals themselves.

The founders and developers of Qfuse share diverse professional skills ranging from design, to application development and interactive marketing, which lends to a well-rounded model that is built for growth.

Today, our vision for media-fusion with Qfuse leverages the mobile web, QR Codes, and NFC Tags. Tomorrow, our model will embrace other technologies as well. Whatever the technologies, Qfuse will aim to provide the tools that make the world an engaging and interactive place for everyone.