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Red Bull and Qfuse Team Up for Mobile App Promotion

Posted on October 16th, 2013 by

red-bull-kart-fighter-logoQfuse, a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions, is happy to have collaborated with Red Bull Bahrain on a new campaign to launch the Bahrain Map on the Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour app, a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping racing game that lets players compete on tracks around the globe. This new version builds on the success of earlier versions of Kart Fighter with new controls, speed boosts, over twice as many tracks, Game Center achievements and a whole lot more spectacular racing!

Red Bull Bahrain engaged Qfuse to collaborate on a campaign to promote the Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour app in Bahrain, known worldwide for its rugged Karting terrain, with a custom QR code that was integrated into promotional posters and other materials. The custom QR code integrates the promo material’s icon and color scheme, and when scanned allows users to easily download the App.

RedBull4The codes created for the campaign are routed through the Qfuse platform, giving the client real-time performance analytics, and the ability to maintain complete control of the QR codes, even after they are printed and published. The platform also supports use of NFC tags as well. For this particular project, Qfuse also leveraged their AppConnect tool to automatically detect the device type of users and direct them to the appropriate download platform (iPhone vs. Android vs. Windows) for a seamless user experience.

“We’re very pleased to have partnered with Red Bull on this project to promote the Kart Fighter app – it’s all about facilitating action and engagement, which is the essence of Qfuse” said Jason Summerfield, Qfuse CEO.

Kart Fighter App Download Links:

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/red-bull-kart-fighter-world/id500962646?l=en&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.kempt.kartfighter 
Windows: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/red-bull-kart-fighter-world-tour/b61f41d7-ebd7-4920-a44d-0d0dca5c6df6



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Qfuse Partners with ExactTarget’s HubExchange

Posted on July 19th, 2013 by

Qfuse ExactTarget HubExchangeExactTarget customers can now download and install a Qfuse app in HubExchange directly within their use of the Interactive Marketing Hub.

This app enables users to extend the reach of the ExactTarget platform with Qfuse’s mobile engagement platform. ExactTarget customers can now build their email lists with QR codes and NFC tags via a “scan to signup” feature, as well as mobile lead capture with SalesForce integration. The Qfuse platform also allows users to easily develop full-featured mobile landing pages and micro-sites for use with targeted mobile campaigns such, SMS, mobile advertising and social media outreach.

The Quse app is now available at https://hubexchange.exacttarget.com/listing/qfuse/beta.

About ExactTarget
ExactTarget is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organizations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social media, Web and marketing automation. ExactTarget’s suite of integrated applications enable marketers to plan, automate, deliver and optimize data-driven digital marketing and real-time communications to drive customer engagement, increase sales and improve return on marketing investment. For more information, visit www.ExactTarget.com.

About HubExchange
Finally there’s an app marketplace that’s truly made for marketers. Drop-and-go apps from the HubExchange take your marketing further than ever, creating more possibilities, more great ways to connect with your customers. It’s a natural extension of your ExactTarget marketing solution that lets you find, add, and start using the best apps right away—and the sky’s the limit. Reaching any customer, in any channel, with any message just went to a whole new level. ExactTarget’s HubExchange. Built by marketers, for marketers. For more information, visit www.HubExchange.com

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The Future of Mobile Technology (through pictures)

Posted on July 5th, 2013 by

For some reason there is still so much negativity in the world today surrounding the future of various mobile technologies like QR codes and NFC.  Many people for some reason cannot understand why they would be useful, how they can benefit their own lives, or how they can lead to economic progress and wealth creation, and they take their lack of understanding and often times try to convince others that their lack of imagination or understanding is reason enough to believe that these different mobile technologies are doomed to fail.

Obviously I disagree with these naysayers, as I think anyone with a bit of imagination, or even a tertiary understanding of how markets (read: ‘people’) act, would.  But I do not believe I am unrealistically optimistic, as I think there is a time and place for these technologies.  I also worry about the potential for government manipulation and control if they get their hands on these technologies (for example government would love a fully cashless monetary system so they could more easily manipulate the money supply, tax their subjects and watch over the actions of everyone under their control).  But I hope the people will prevent this sort of thing from happening as I believe we have learned much about our government from the recent events involving the NSA and IRS.

The future I see for these mobile technologies though is similar to the infographic you see below.  The potential and usefulness for these technologies in our everyday life is amazing.  From increased financial security, to greater convenience, to lower prices there is a real and significant benefit to the mass adoption of NFC, QR codes and the like.

This infographic might even help those unimaginative readers out there come to have a greater respect for the potential of these mobile technologies.  If not I would love to hear your criticisms in the comments section.

For those who have yet to adopt these mobile options but would like to learn more about getting started be sure to visit our site.
Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
Mobile Payment 2015 [infographic]
Compliments of Mobile Payments Today

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NFC, Efficiency, and Markets

Posted on July 3rd, 2013 by

Transportation paymentsIn the Russia’s eighth largest city of Kazan commuters can now use NFC technology to pay for their many transportation needs.  This new city-wide adoption is a great lesson in the possibilities of NFC and a great case study in how free-markets can and do work.

Quite often you hear people make the case for centralization and top-down regulatory standards as the only way to have an efficient market; ignoring of course the likely possibility that the individuals determining the top-down standards are not infallible and thus their poor decisions affect everyone in the market and often times distorts the market and can hurt efficiency.  The city of Kazan and their many mobile network operators however, have proved this nonsense wrong and agreed to work together to create a mobile payment system compatible for all transport systems without the help of regulatory busybodies using government coercion.   Proving once again that individuals through voluntary means and without force can, and will, improve market efficiency and improve that state of mankind.

This is also another great example of the uses of NFC technology.  How the system will work is that each subscriber purchases a NFC SIM card for their phone.  Each NFC card has a corresponding account that the user deposits money into.  When they wave their phone in front of one of the ticketing machines their account is then charged.  When their account gets low, down to $1.52 in US FRN’s or 50 rubles, $3.04 in US FRN’s or 100 rubles, is automatically transferred into their account from their mobile carrier account.

This sort of payment method has already been arranged in other Russian cities with great success, and NFC payment has quickly become the main method of transportation payment.  And with this new payment method comes lower overhead costs, lower transportation costs, saved time, and in the end economic progress.

Other companies and cities would be smart to adopt this system for transportation and other similar uses if they wish to increase profits, decrease prices and provide greater value to their customers.

Just make sure you use a company that can help ensure your specific needs are met and help you through the process of transferring into the 21st century.

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NFC and Social Media

Posted on July 1st, 2013 by

NFCNFC has an incredible array of possibilities that can be utilized to enhance consumer engagement, increase sales, or provide additional value.  For each business or organization however, the possible uses vary, and while one type of use may be great for one business, it might be completely useless for another.

One possible use for NFC is connecting consumers with various social media platforms.  This is clearly a great use for say a restaurant, bar, or retail establishment, but not necessarily all that useful for say a law firm.

Let’s assume you are the owner of a bar.  Your goal is to increase the number of people that imbibe at your establishment every day.  You know that social media like Facebook and Twitter can be utilized to help you achieve this end.  When people at your bar “check-in” to your bar it helps advertise your bar and acts as an endorsement.  This helps to attract these people’s friends who might be nearby, or such endorsement might help persuade them to visit at a future occasion.

The problem is that very few customers actually “check-in.”  To help convince more consumers to do so you might decide to place QR codes on all your coasters and have a call to action to “scan the code and check-in on Facebook!”  Or something similar.  You would likely notice more “check-ins”, but this option still requires someone to go out of their way to scan a code; an improvement but not necessarily your best option.

The most effective way to increase this use of social media to advertise your bar would of course be the use of NFC tags.  With NFC, instead of trying to convince a consumer to scan a QR code, you can make it so that the consumer, simply by placing their phone on the bar or a table, is given a notification that pops up on their phone and allows them the option to “check-in” or not.  This makes it extremely easy for the consumer and requires almost no effort; and the number of “check-ins”, “likes” or “shares” (all free advertising for you), will likely increase in dramatic fashion.   And the increased foot traffic from this high value advertising will make using NFC worth it.

This is but one of the almost infinite ways you can utilize NFC technology, but before you jump on board the bandwagon please make sure you understand the general best practices and are using a NFC platform that will help ensure a successful NFC campaign without the hassle.

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