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NFC and Smartphone App Make Driving Safer

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by

Drive AgentAll of us, to some degree or another, are likely guilty of the modern sin of texting or talking on your phone while driving.  And of course many states have made these things illegal, or if not, the societal pressure to stop distracting yourself while you drive a two ton metal machine at high rates of speed is likely so great that you may feel guilty when caught engaging in this sort of behavior (I know I do on a daily, or even hourly basis).  Though I often engage in this potentially dangerous activity for some reason I can’t seem to stop it outright.  Fortunately there is now a way to help people like myself stop texting and talking while they drive, and it is only possible in part because of NFC.

A company called TagStand—a big name in NFC—has recently developed an app that encourages users to focus on driving rather than taking a call or responding to a text.  The app itself, called Drive Agent, sends a text message in response to either a call or text back to the individual trying to get in touch with you, telling them that you are currently driving and will get back to them when you are less distracted.

This alone is incredibly useful, but a problem with similar apps is in the long wait time to turn such an app on.  This wait time prevents people from using the app as often as they might, or prevents them from using it altogether.  So what TagStand has done is create an NFC tag which can be placed on your car phone holder and once your phone is set in the case the NFC tag activates the Drive Agent app and all calls and texts will be responded to with an automated response.   This ease of use will go a long way to helping in the adoption of such an app, and hopefully decrease the likelihood of an accident by users.  So really this app will probably save thousands of lives.  The creators probably deserve a medal or something.

There really are an incredible number of creative uses for NFC technology like this one, and is not limited to payment uses only as many still seem to believe.  For the millions of Qfuse blog readers out there interested in NFC technology I will be sure to write about these many creative uses as I discover them, so be sure to check back in frequently.

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NFC Tag is the New Business Card

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by

Business cards NFCAnyone who is in the habit of carrying business cards with them at all times has certainly had that occasion where they run into someone that would benefit from having their card but they either they ran out or it was the one time they weren’t carrying them.  This can be terribly frustrating.  Luckily there is now a way to solve this dilemma.

Instead of jamming a bunch of business cards into your wallet, or perhaps in addition to those business cards, you can now replace them with an NFC tag.  Saving your wallet from looking like George Castanza.

What the NFC tag allows you to do is transmit information from your wallet to a mobile device.  So instead of handing the person your card, all they need to do now is place their smartphone near your wallet and your contact info will be downloaded into their phone.  Now a lost business card on their end or your own won’t stand as a road block to a potential sale or connection.  And you never need to worry about running out of business cards again.

But not only does the NFC fix this issue of running out of business cards, but it also saves you money and time.  Depending on how many business cards you go through a year, this can lead to some pretty substantial savings, particularly if you are the type who attempts to impress through their high end business cards.

What better way to impress someone though than to show them a cool new technology for the first time.  I am sure most people don’t even realize their smartphone is NFC enabled, so you will be doing them a great service for that reason alone.

If you are looking for NFC tags and a platform to manage your tags and mobile sites, be sure to check out the Qfuse platform.  It couldn’t make things easier.

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NFC Makes Print Advertisement More Profitable

Posted on July 10th, 2013 by

samsung-nfc-posterThe possibilities with NFC technology are truly near infinite.  Due to this, it becomes vital to identify those exceptional possibilities in order to properly allocate resources in the most efficient manner possible.

One potential NFC use that fits into the exceptional possibility for most businesses is that of using NFC on print advertisements.  This is particularly a great use for anyone trying to sell something, promote the downloading of apps, or spreading information.

With an NFC enabled poster for example, the consumer can physically interact with the advertisement as long as they are made aware that it is NFC enabled, and are convinced through a call to action to place their phone near the poster.

Let’s say this poster is advertising a new video game.  There might be a call to action to tell the consumer to “tap your phone here to see a preview of NCAA’14 football, and pre-order your game right from your phone!”  This NFC enabled poster is now helping to capture more sales by providing more information to the consumer encouraging them to get excited for the launch, and providing them with the possibility to purchase the game right at the moment the consumer’s interest is highest.

Or perhaps you are Bank of America and you want to promote the download of your new mobile App.  Here you might have a poster NFC enabled and through a call to action tell consumers to tap their phone here to download the app.  Perhaps you might offer consumers the chance to be entered into a drawing for some prize if they use NFC to download the app.

Or maybe you are a political organization like The Cato Institute and run an advertisement critical of some recent policy enactment and want to spread some relevant information.  Here you might promote the spread of this information through NFC enabled advertisements and include a call to action for consumers to tap their phone to the poster for instant access to the information and promote signing up to be alerted about future activist events or educational programs.

Any organization who wishes to do any of these things or more can utilize NFC to help increase the abilities, value, and efficiency of their physical advertising campaigns.  Just think of the end goal of said advertisements and use NFC technology in a way that helps you achieve that end.  The profits will soon follow.

Just make sure you are using the technology correctly and following our best practices, as well as using a platform that helps to ensure that end, is inexpensive, allows you to control your many NFC tags from a single location, and is incredible easy to use.

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NFC and the Museum of London

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by

Museum of LondonNFC is often pigeonholed as a technology whose main purpose is as a device for payments.  While this is indeed a very useful and important use for the new technology it is by no means limited to this purpose, and in fact, I suspect it will be the non-payment uses that will really drive NFC to critical mass in the coming years.

Using NFC Beyond Contactless Payment

One great example of NFC being used for non-payments purposes and a good look into the future of NFC is the Museum of London.

The Museum of London was an early user of NFC technology and brought it into their exhibits in 2011.  The idea behind using this technology for the museum was to help make the exhibits more interactive, provide great information and value, help connect visitors to social networks like Facebook, foursquare, and Twitter, and promote future exhibits and the ability to pay for those exhibits in advance using a mobile landing page and on their phone.

Engaging Visitors on a Deeper Level

The many benefits to this sort of technological adoption for a place like the Museum of London are obvious.  First, connecting many of these individual paintings or artifacts by NFC to more online information provides the individual with a better experience and helps make the particular painting or artifact come alive.  This sort of added value can help ensure these visitors come back in the future.

Connecting visitors to their various social networks and using NFC to promote “liking” or “sharing” on Facebook for example, allows the museum to advertise for free and increase interest.

Advertising future exhibits to current visitors while they are at their peak interest and allowing them the easy ability to purchase tickets for these future exhibits is a fantastic way to promote and increase ticket sales.

Other museums around the world would be smart to do the same as the Museum of London, particularly now that more and more phones are NFC enabled and the number of users only continues to expand at leaps and bounds.  Clearly as you can see NFC technology is a promising technology that can improve the museum experience, help with advertising and even promote sales, and for only a very small cost.

If you plan on using NFC in the near or distant future though, make sure you are following best practices and using a NFC marketing platform that is self explanatory, easy to use, and helps make sure you are using the technology right.

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