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From Browsers to Buyers: Increasing Retail Sales Through In-Store Displays and Mobile

Posted on February 27th, 2014 by

From Browsers to Buyers: Increasing Retail Sales w/ POP and mo

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Local Business, Social Media, and Reputation Building

Posted on December 18th, 2013 by

Your BusinessThese days, social media exposure on Facebook, as well as positive reviews on sites like Google+ and Yelp, are critical to the online visibility and success of many businesses. This is especially true for small local businesses that rely on word of mouth and positive exposure to reach their local customers, and reinforce and expand their reputation within their communities.

The Challenge

The challenge for many local businesses has traditionally been motivating their customers to leave feedback on the various social media platforms. The remedy is quite simple: make it easy for them.  This is where QR codes and mobile landing pages can be practical tools that make it easy for businesses to engage their customers while they are physically at the place of business, and in turn grow their online reputation.

The Answer

So how do you make it easy for customers to leave social feedback? The first step is to create a mobile landing page where they can conveniently get to social media pages and review sites on their smartphone. The Qfuse mobile site generator makes it easy to create icons and links to pages on Facebook, Google+, Yelp and many other sites.

The Execution

Once you have created the mobile page, the next step is to make it easy for your customers to get to it. That’s where QR codes can come in quite handy; just generate a QR code and point it to the mobile landing page so that customers can easily get to it when they are physically at your place of business. It can also be helpful to include a short URL so that customers who may not be familiar with QR codes can also get to the page.


Most importantly, you need a call-to-action to engage customers while they are physically on-site at your place of business, and motivate them to leave feedback. If you’ve already got a supportive customer base established, and/or if you routinely provide exceptional service, many customers may be willing to leave you positive feedback if only you would ask; so make it easy for them and they will.

In other cases, you may need to motivate customers with a special discount or some other incentive. In either case, the important thing is to make it clear and easy for customers, and let them know what you want them to do. If you are a retail store, you can place a display near the cash register, if you’re in the service business, you can place a poster in a waiting area, or if you’re a restaurant you can place a notice in your menus, or on tables; your staff can also mention the promotion to customers directly.


Ultimately, it’s your day-to-day customers that physically walk in your place of business who will also be your strongest allies for building a strong online reputation on social channels and review sites. Using a few simple tools—such as mobile landing pages and QR codes—you can make it easy for your customers to share their real-world experiences online, and help grow your business at the same time.


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Example of the Importance of Mobile Optimization: Lost Sales

Posted on November 30th, 2013 by

battlefieldYesterday was Black Friday and like everyone in America I opened up my email to discover my inbox littered with advertisements from every retailer I had ever patroned.  And like most people these days, I was viewing said emails on my phone.

I’m not a big shopper so I began simply deleting all of the advertisements, but one caught my eye; an ad for the video game ‘Battlefield 4’ at 50% off.   This was a deal I could not turn down, and so I began the purchasing process on my Iphone.

What occurred next was the perfect example of why you MUST make sure your website is mobile optimized.

The landing site was clearly not mobile optimized but I was still able to add the game to my shopping cart, click the proper game console, and then hit the ‘proceed to check out’ button with only moderate trouble (though certainly enough that a small percentage of people would have given up at this point).

This is where things got difficult though.  I began entering in my credit card info, but the way the interface was organized it caused me to miss a bunch of information since the input components were hidden and unless you knew they were there you weren’t going to find them.  So I filled in what I saw and then hit submit.

Error messages pop up, telling me I missed some information.  I go back and try again, realizing I missed a column of inputs that I would have found if I scrolled right, but was never aware of because of the way it was organized.  I hit submit again.

Error message again.  I go back to realize there was a single input field even further right on the screen that I had not noticed.  At this point I am starting to get very frustrated.  I hit submit again.

This time I succeeded.  Only took me 30 minutes, no biggie.  Next though, it asked for shipping info.  This time I was at least more careful to note that some information might be far off the original on-screen content so I scrolled as far right as I could and was able to make sure I filled out every input field there was.  Success.

I then advanced to the next stage, choosing my preferred shipping and confirming the purchase.  Of course the screen is again confusing and hard to understand but with a bit of playing around I am able to get the drop-down menu for the shipping and eventually hit submit to confirm my purchase.

“Error.  You timed out, please try again.”  What?!  You have got to be f-ing kidding?!?  I was ready to lose it at this point.  Clearly I was not about to go start this whole 45 minute process again.  So instead I said “screw your game and screw this damn interface, I refuse to attempt this again and I refuse to buy your game,” and a sale was lost right then.

This is why you NEED to have a mobile optimized website that is easy to use, quick, and clean.  Otherwise there is a 100% chance you will be losing out on sales in the exact way I just described.  There is no excuse this far into the 21st century to not be mobile optimized.

If you like making your customers happy (or at least prefer not to piss them off), and if you like more sales to less sales, then make a mobile site.  You can use our platform to do so.

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Bring Your Holiday Cards and Invitations to Life with QR Codes and Mobile Pages

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by

Qfuse cardThe Holiday season is fast approaching, and that means people are starting to prepare for their parties and get-togethers, as well as sending out invitations, Christmas cards and family updates.  For those looking to add an element of interactivity to these holiday communications, the use of a simple QR code will go a long way.

Here are but a few of the ways that you can use QR codes to bring your holiday cards to life this season:

Party Invitations

Let’s say you are sending out invitations for your Holiday party.  Traditionally each invitee would have to call you personally and let you know if they were planning on attending or not.  They might also call for directions or some other logistical concern.  But much of this is unnecessary if you give people the right tools.

By placing a QR code on your invitations you can easily send invitees to a landing page where they can RSVP right there through a simple form.  Directions and mapping can be accessed at a touch via Google Maps and GPS, and click-to-call and click-to-email features make it easy for folks to connect with the party planner when necessary. You can also link to your event’s Facebook page for the party so invitees can connect and make plans in advance.

Offering these interactive tools can make things more efficient and enjoyable for your guests.

What to share with your Holiday Invitation’s QR Code:

  • Instant RSVP – let people fill out a simple contact form to accept/decline the invite
  • Mapping – make it easy for people to get turn-by-turn directions via GPS
  • Contacts – make it easy for folks to call, email or message you at a touch
  • Get Social – let people share your invitation on social media channels, or join the conversation on your Facebook event page

Christmas Cards, New Year’s Greetings, and Family Updates

Let’s say you aren’t planning for a party, but instead are looking to send out a Christmas card, family update, or new year’s greeting.  Traditionally you might send out a single photo with a short Holiday greeting.  But what if on this card you placed a QR code as well?

This code could let you customize your card with individual video greetings for each recipient, or simply have a single video greeting for all cards, making it much more personal and fun.  The QR code might also direct your friends and family to other family photos, or stories of the happenings of the past year.  This is sure to make your Christmas card stand out, and add a little extra magic for your recipients.

What to share with your Holiday Card’s QR Code:

  • Video Greeting – personalize your card with a special message
  • Photos – share family memories,
  • Updates – share additional text content that won’t fit on your card

Whether your holiday cards are for greetings or invitations, business or pleasure, using QR codes makes it possible to interact with your recipients in new ways by combining old traditions with new technologies.

Want to add a QR Code to your holiday cards?


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Improving the Mobile Experience for Your Customers

Posted on August 21st, 2013 by

terramar_modalMobile technology is still a relatively young form of media, so it is no wonder that the platform has not been mastered in regards to marketing, advertising, and even functionality.  As more and more research is done, and results of various experiments trickle in, these things will likely all soon be perfected.  Because we are not yet at that point, it would be good to learn from recently compiled information, with a focus on the functionality issue.

Functionality of the mobile platform is important to ensuring consumers are able to accomplish their goals upon visiting your mobile space.  Whether this means making a purchase, finding information, comparing products, or enjoying some form of entertainment, functionality is vitally important to ensuring the happiness and desired outcomes of the consumer.

Using the recently released Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, we can focus on what is generally seen as needing improvement by the average consumer.

When asked the question “If you could say one thing to a media service provider to improve the experience using its mobile website, what would it be?” the answer that was named the most was “improve ease of use,” with some 25% answering in this way.  What this tells us is that many consumers wish their online experience could be made easier.  Inferring from this, we can then determine that a more simplified site is needed; something a mobile optimized site will most certainly do for you (interestingly though the same survey shows a slight edge given to desktop sites over mobile in preferred use—though this is skewed towards older people—so perhaps some people aren’t really sure what they want?).

The second choice of those surveyed was that of “improved speed,” coming in at a 19% clip, some 13% higher than the third most common answer.  So one in five people think the most important improvement that could be made is increasing the speed of said site.  How can this be done?  A mobile optimized site of course.  Less information on the site means quicker download speeds.

Since these two choices were ranked one and two, and were far and away the two most important improvements survey respondents thought should be made, it would would be smart for every mobile media provider out there to focus on improving the ease of use of their sites as well as increasing the speed of said site.  Do these two things and the functionality of your site will improve, and in turn will only help in ensuring your customers are happy and your company goals are met.

Using a platform that ensures a well designed mobile optimized site, analytics, and the rest, is a good place to start on your road to perfected functionality.

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